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Month 12 Mastery Journal

Hello Followers!

This is it! My final month at Full Sail University has come to an end. It’s been a great journey. I’ve grew as a film maker through this chapter of my life. 

This past month our class was Business of Film. We covered a wide variety of material. Whether it was about marketing, distribution, film festivals, personal branding and everything in between. We went over the importance that blogs can have when it comes to getting your views on topics and receiving news. We also went over the importance of not only knowing your product or films brand or image but your own personal image or brand as well. Making sure that both your audience and your customers know who you are and what you’re about. This will help you and potential clients as well by showing them what you’re best at and what you work best doing. We also went into great detail about film festivals and how import your festival strategy can be. We reached several festivals that we’re planing on submitting Sundown to. Throughout the month we worked towards creating our Electronic Press Kit. Which you can see on my website that I worked on throughout this month as well.

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On my site you will be able to access all the various projects I’ve worked on in the pass, present or future. You’ll also have access to my resume and contact me personally if you have any questions. I added a section because of what we covered this past month, a blog section. I titled it Beyond the Surface. I’m going to document my journey on becoming an underwater cinematographer. I’ve taken the next step already by registering to get my open water certification. I appreciate all of you who followed my Tumblr while I was going to school. The best is yet to come.

Tyler D. Suggs

Advanced Post Production II - Sound Design & Color Correction

Greetings Followers!

    This has been an intense month. I feel like I say that just about every month but it’s true. Because on top of class I had a couple of outside shoots that have increased both my film knowledge and experience. 

    This month was part 2 of our Post Production course. We mainly focused on the sound design and the color correction of our thesis film, “Sundown.” The school had four interns that worked with us throughout this month. They brought a lot to the table when it came to adding in extra sound design to our film. We also learned how to prepare our film for foreign distribution by filling out a Foreign Release Assessment. This helps us point out certain tracks of audio are added back in once the dialogue tracks are removed.

    Also throughout the month the Sundown team worked with our visual effects supervisor on talking the already created newspaper clips and revamping them to a higher quality. He also worked on the coloring effects of the skies and throughout the film the color correction matches the look of the sky and you can feel the solar event drawing near. You can see the work below.

    Today was our final day in the dub stage and we had a screening of both thesis films with there finalized color correction and sound mix. We listened several versions of each film, we heard the 7.1 surround cut and the 5.1 sound cut. When listening and cutting back and forth between the two you can hear the shift of sound pull forward towards the screen. Learning how to adjust from one to another was pretty interesting. Now on to the print master. This has been an experience I’ll definitely remember and I can’t wait to begin the next post mastering session for my next film.

Thanks for reading,

Tyler Suggs


Son of Famed Gotham DA Joins GCPD
War hero Detective James Gordon promises to clean up Gotham.


Son of Famed Gotham DA Joins GCPD

War hero Detective James Gordon promises to clean up Gotham.

Mastery Journal — Post Month 1

Hey Followers,

I apologize for not updating you last month on my progress. We’re finishing up our first month of post production and let me tell you, it’s been a trip. There’s so much more to editing than I original thought. I’m thankful for the knowledge I’m taking away from this class. I’ve realized exactly how important certain editing responsibilities during production can help you during the post process. Whether it’s something as simple as the file naming during the exporting process, getting ALL of the script supervisors notes and logs. Since everyone in the class is required to make some sort of edit for our thesis, I choose to create a trailer for “Sundown.” I chose to edit my trailer in the Final Cut editing software. Creating a trailer isn’t as easy as some would think. Especially if you really want to get that Ah! factor in. Through both reading the books that were provided and doing some research online and watching epic trailer and epic trailer I found similarities between certain trailers and how the genre and style of the film affected the final trailer. If you pay close attention to them you’ll begin to notice a sound or a cut that’s used more often than not. Let me be the first to tell you, it instantly pulls you in. Next month we’re going into our second post production course where we focus on mastering the audio. Throughout this month we created a sound Fx and music log of sounds we want to have in our edit. These are called temp sound. Whether we want to keep those exact ones or have the audio post team replace them. I’m excited to see what my trailer will look and sound like at the end of next month. It’s come a long way in just a couple weeks. I have a whole new outlook on the post process and I look forward to editing more in the near future.

I’ll upload the trailer once it’s completed.

Thanks for reading,
Tyler D. Suggs


Artist of the Week - Phil Tippett, original trilogy animator.

Wow! Never stop at the first sculpt.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trailer #3

Starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett, & William Fichtner

In theaters August 8, 2014 (US)

I can not wait to see this action packed turtle madness!

Hey Tumblr Followers,

This month was the month that we’ve been waiting on, PRODUCTION MONTH.

The first production we shoot was Sundown. I was the 1st Asst. Director, Production Designer and Location Manager. The experience I gained throughout this production was super beneficial. It was my first production as 1st AD. Like any other production we had our speed bumps. I’m thankful for the team I was working with because they were able to take those challenges and work out a solution. Another great memory of the production was all the locations we were able to shoot at. Our first day was on a empty dirt road and an old worn out barn. The 2nd and 3rd days were the more intense days due to the weather. With that though I was able to become a better AD. Since our 2nd day was cut short we had to merge the remaining shots with the following day. Causing the pace to be picked up. I’m glad that I had a great team. Between the Producer, Director, DP and I we were able to adjust the days and make our vision a reality. The last 2 days were shorter but just as important. We shot at the Orange County Corrections facility, Greenwood Cemetery and at a garden.

I was the Art Director for the second production was, “Taste of Heaven.” My work load wasn’t as intense for this production but it was great to work with the other team and help bring the directors story to life. I’ve never worked on anything like this before. We were able to hire a local cook and use his food truck for the production and we locked down a beautiful home that we shot in for 3 days.

I can’t wait to get into post production class to see these two productions edited together and on the big screen.

Until next month,
Tyler D. Suggs

Mastery Journal - Pre Production

Hello my fellow Tumblr followers,

    This month I had the Pre Production course for our thesis project. The class is shooting 2 short films, one is Sundown and the other is Taste of Heaven. I’m lucky enough to be able to work on both. On Sundown I am the 1st AD, Production Designer and Location Manager and on Taste of Heaven I am Art Director. This month has been intense to say the least.

    The position I’m most excited about working as is 1st Asst. Director. Throughout the program I’ve written, directed, produced, edited several projects. Through those projects I’ve been able to understand what I’m best at and what I’m not. Also taking my previous work experience from when I worked at GameStop as an Asst. Manager. As a manager I had to schedule out the work week, train and monitor performances, run meeting and more. These task were able to transfer over to being a 1st AD. As a 1st AD you’re in charge of the way the set functions. From scheduling out each shooting day to making sure everyone is present and doing their job. I’ve learned how to use this amazing online application called Scenechronize. It takes a little of the headache out of doing script breakdowns and the one line schedule. Since all of the scenes of Sundown are exterior and on location outside of a soundstage I was able to pull off being the production designer and location manager. Since I was the one scouting for locations I was able to make sure the look of each location was accurate to the script.

    Originally I was also the Production Designer on Taste of Heaven but with taking on the roles that Sundown needed I had to drop to Art Director. This way I could put the focus I needed on the roles I had for Sundown. I have been working with Gino, Taste of Heavens new Production Designer.

    I’m excited to see the final edits of both and I look forward to telling you how production went in my next journal entry.

Thanks for reading,
Tyler D. Suggs

Hey Followers!This is my Mastery Journal for this month at Full Sail for Visual Storytelling. Thanks for reading.

Hey Followers!

This is my Mastery Journal for this month at Full Sail for Visual Storytelling. Thanks for reading.